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Our team in London overlooks all aspects of manufacturing and wholesale for MLML, and we work closely with our partnered artisan tanneries in Italy and France. We utilize sustainable materials and processes to develop a new kind of luxury which focuses on craftsmanship and which will subsequently help to increase the integrity of our fashion choices.

MLML has become synonymous with modern, elegant designs, offering styles to a variety of wardrobes from classic to a more fashion led persona.

At MLML we want you to wear your luxury leggings/pants all day, season after season. Each Pair is hand made in the UK, using a variety of modern and age-old techniques. We source the finest quality Stretch Italian and French Leathers from the oldest and most skilled artisan Tanneries. 






349 Royal College Street, 


London, United Kingdom

VAT Registration Number:  GB867939157
Registered  in England: Sado Fashion House ( MLML LONDON )