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  • New York, the Fashion Capital that never sleeps.

    Written by Carlotta Gherzi. Long ago before I even started designing or let alone started my fashion career, I stood in the streets of New York doing the usual things a tourist will do and I thought to myself day dreaming…. One day I will come here and will show my designs. Yes well years […]

  • The Importance of Brand Ambassadors in the Digital Age

    By Kelly Allen, Contributing Editor It’s a world where we can track and find out where our friends are with the swipe of a finger. It’s where our phones intake every word we say as though they, too, possess the human ability to listen. It’s where information is thrown around and communication needs no face-to-face […]

  • How To Wear High Waist Zip Leather Leggings Day To Night

    By Kelly Allen, Contributing Editor Sexy yet casual, comfortable yet unique—what more could one want in a pair of leggings? With versatility in mind, MLML London leather leggings were designed to keep women looking stylish 24/7. The high waist leather leggings with side zips acts as a perfect option for creating multiple eye-catching looks. These […]