Street (He)art

Street (He)art

– When art met fashion –


From the early beginning, art and fashion embraced each other.

The edgy aesthetic of this visual art was followed by lots of fashion designers in the past and in the recent years as well.

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 This is still happening in these years, even if both of them are keeping on evolving.

 Especially the pop culture and street art influenced fashion inspiration.

The street art culture is soaked by politics, ethics, satire, feelings, scenes of daily life, dreams and nightmares. It is the mirror where you can see yourselves stripped from any masks.


Art changes as much as people do

Moments of Impact



So in this time fashion comes more from the streets than the runways.

 Common people want to be spurred by something new,

Something close to their habit,

Something that can express their selves completely.

They are waiting for refreshing and special stuffs to wear in the daily life.


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Written by Vittoria Cavanna

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