Robert Joseph Manning vs MLML. How We Met The Great Fashion Illustrator. Part 1 – The Making

Robert Joseph Manning is a very talented 23 years old artist, fashion illustrator who is currently collaborating with us! YES and let me tell you, its already looking great!

Carlotta can’t believe her eyes whilst Rob explains. “Rob you are amazing!”

Robert has a BA degree in Creative Music Technologies and has since then, worked with several creative media. His talent can be seen through traditional drawings, paintings and illustrations, and within intricate vector illustrations using digital software. The best of all, is that he is actually a true self-taught artist, sweet, funny, very professional and not up himself.

A true star in the making!


With experience in the music industry and in the graphic communication and design industry as a branding and logo design freelancer, Robert began to collaborate with us, in order to bring his creative approach, by adding sophistication of his illustrations into the brand. The idea was to mix his raw talent and MLML print designs together, in order to get the brand concept out in a more illustrative way.

His work varies from portraits, to logo designs and movie posters, and it has appeared in galleries across England. Every lady out there will have to start putting herself on the list, to be captured by the “master”!


Some of his projects from his extensive portfolio

Anyhow, this was a match made in heaven, as we have such a talent in such a creative environment, as in our office, and it’s been so much fun being able to have him with us every week!



One of his MLML illustrations

We are also so excited to soon be able to show more of his amazing work, on our website. Rob, we’re glad to have you on the My Love My Leggings team!

A smile for the camera. We love you too, Rob!