Postcards from Milan


Ready for the tradeshow?

MLML and its team certainly were.

Putting the alarm at 4 am, that‘s how we started our journey to Milan.


If you were to see us, you would have laughed out loud for sure.

Summing it all up. Turbulence up upon the Alps

Last 40 minutes were awful as “the day after tomorrow”; Carlotta and I holding each other hands in a mix of emotions going from fear to fun. And all of this to show the dedication for MLML

At the end we landed safe and sound.

SUPER there we were.


We started unpacking our stuff, meanwhile we were amazed by the location and the other brands exposing.

Between a cigarette break and another, the stand was completely ready for the following day.


Except for “the hangers’ issue”.

Yes, because you should know that there’s always something unexpected blowing gently on the MLML team.

Three of our hangers disappeared during the flight and even our shampoos and conditioners.

So… thanks however you are, but maybe stealing hangers it’s a sort of odd fetishism.

We love you anyway.

We just needed a dinner out in a perfect Italian style to re-find the excitement.

Follow up the stories on blog to find out how the tradeshow went on.

Written by Vittoria Cavanna