New York, the Fashion Capital that never sleeps.

Written by Carlotta Gherzi.

Long ago before I even started designing or let alone started my fashion career, I stood in the streets of New York doing the usual things a tourist will do and I thought to myself day dreaming…. One day I will come here and will show my designs.

Yes well years later it did happen and on few occasions. But, This time around New York was special, somewhat chaotic but pleasantly funny and that’s exactly the story i will be telling you. See it a bit of a diary.

New York is really the city that never sleeps by definition. You open the curtains in the morning, yes early jet legged kinda morning, seeing how New Yorkers start their day. Its kind of amusing to see people changing, washing their teeth, putting their glamorous attires (all viewable from the view of the hotel) and off they go to their Manhattan busy life’s.

Room with a view NYC

The trip however for myself and my stylish sales rep – colleague – friend – Karina, did not start so glamorously. At 4:30 am, I heard a terrible sound, which was not gentle to my ears. Instead it was the fire alarm, and a purely American voice saying loud and clear to evacuate the rooms. And by that “ Now”.

So here I go trying to get the essentials in order of emergency.

Pyjama pants had them on

Pyjama top stays on


Hair looked lion king messy so hat was a must for the hair disaster – fashion statement in process of action evacuation.

By that point people were in panic mode so had to speed up the act

Next step running 18 floors down, with a slight panic as I forgot the passport in the room.

    New York by night:-)

Anyhow the whole hotel was outside and the cause was that some “Dude” smoked in the room.

So hey well done to the NYC fire brigade better check than be sorry.

This Heart soya latte made my day somewhat sweater

After 2 hours outside, and a lovely organic heart shape coffee the day was starting with the opening of the fair. Coterie is one of  the best fashion trade shows in the USA for showcasing the fashion collections.

And yes we are in it, half asleep, jet legged etc. etc.

Before the start

So now instead of having a nice relaxed shower, with time to properly dress up for the occasion… here we are quickly changing and be fashion ready. Lets start with a note, showcasing at a fashion show is different to showing the collection at the tradeshow.

Karina and Me goofing around.

Style tips:

1) Be presentable and smile without being too obvious

2) Make up there but not there, understated

3) If you are too glammed up the attention is on you not the collection

Geared up in our MLML bottoms.


So here is what I wore on the first day:

A pair of cropped twisted jeans obviously MLML and made of the softest stretch real leather. Perfect for the day and night and especially perfect when the legs post flights are swollen. So always use something stretchy good for the circulation and good for the self-esteem. Luckily these ones are our best sellers.

Leather Jeans cropped length with an engineered twist

Because of the lack of time I wore a plain black cashmere sweater. Simple but yet classy.

Shoes nowadays trainers are a cool and comfy option. Especially after the night we had. So trainers it was for me. A pair of Balenciaga colourful racerunners did the trick.

My Beloved Balenciaga Race Runners

And also at trade shows you cant sit, looking bored or as a matter of fact stand still. No no no. Customers might be completely put off by this. Ah and never cross your arms, apparently its a sign of no entry. A fellow fashion old school guru told me this whilst back. So fashion babes always use the experience of a wise experienced senior it kind of worked for me.

Moving forward the day was fun, loads of interest and loads of famous brands.

Fashion people, buyers from little independent stores and department stores were all gathered up in one place. Candy for the eyes.

New York fashion week just finished so the city was still booming of hot parties and celebrities. With paparazzi running after the It girls that rock the fashion world.

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, the newbie Kaia Gerber etc to name the few rocked the future aw18-19 trends. Showing what is in fashion will be in trend and what will disappear from the glossies instafeeds soon. 

Back to us now, at night slightly changed the look of the day. We were ready to get a well-deserved drink and eat some proper food.

Drink Sorted

Wore another classic piece from the collection. A pair of high waist leather jeans. Flattering, but yet in trend for the New York lifestyle.

Chloe silk satin Camisole

Paired with a simple silk satin camisole semi tacked in, simple jewellery and a sleek stiletto 5 cm heel.

Gianvito Rossi is a true master shoe maker

We decided to head to the Mexican restaurant la Esquina.

The food was great. It’s a secret little Gem in the city.

Its a secret celebrity hub and somebody that truthfully knows New York has been there at least once to taste the amazing margarita’s.

This was not on that day, but still captures the happy faces

Being that we were there for business we decided to have an early night.

Day 2, story shall be continued…