Chronicles of Scoop: #daythree

Chronicles of Scoop: #daythree

In a bit we were at the final chapter.

Our excitement was loud and clear.

By then it was a kind of devotion for everything, even for the buses down at entrance.


We enjoyed the last few hours working in a “fun mood”… it was the MLML signature, I guess you got it for sure now.


Toasting and celebrating, we took an ultimate look at every corner of the gallery and we packed all the collection.

Was the time to go back “home”. Actually the office is our home to be honest.

With lot of little bags, a massive luggage full of leggings, and the heart full of positive feelings and expectations we said bye to the best tradeshow here in London.


Scoop! We will miss you.

Anyway don’t worry guys we’ll see you soon at Pitti Super in Milan in less than two months.

Hope to see you there.

written by Vittoria cavanna