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  • Postcards from Florence part III

       Postcards from Florence – PART III – Here we were. Last day of the fair. We were ready to start. Only because it was a great sunny day, we decided to take 10 minutes break each in between selling and working. Sun tan always work! Even if it was in that beautiful backyard garden. […]

  • Postcards from Florence – Part II –

    Postcards from Florence -PART II- Cleaned and refreshed, we were ready for a new day. First we had breakfast. Not really fashionable breakfast, I have to admit we had only Italian bread with lots of Nutella everywhere. No soya latte and no “just a coffee”. So we went to the fair, with a becoming-fatty belly […]

  • Postcards from Florence

      Postcards from Florence -Do you think it’s all about lipstick and heels?- -My Love My Leggings @ Pitti Woman- I just wanna tell you a really funny story. My Love My Leggings went to Pitti Woman in June 2013. Pitti Immagine is a very famous fair in Italy and in the world as well. It’s […]