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  • Street (He)art

    Street (He)art – When art met fashion – From the early beginning, art and fashion embraced each other. The edgy aesthetic of this visual art was followed by lots of fashion designers in the past and in the recent years as well.                           […]

  • Springtime Happiness

     -Getting inspired by print design creativity-  At One Marylebone in London, the print design fair is just rounded off. John Kelley, the organizer of the London Textile Fair, decided to introduce this new type of exhibition. This is the first début of it here in London. It should be a way, he said, for the print design […]

  • Red Revolution: LEATHER!!!

    The tighter the better. Red leather and pleather leggings and ultra skinny pants are the  newest rage and on top of the “Must Have“ list for the season. Leather in all colours, shapes and silhouettes is key. Specifically hot is Red Leather, complimenting all the punk inspired looks in recent fashion lines, from the high […]