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  • New York, the Fashion Capital that never sleeps.

    Written by Carlotta Gherzi. Long ago before I even started designing or let alone started my fashion career, I stood in the streets of New York doing the usual things a tourist will do and I thought to myself day dreaming…. One day I will come here and will show my designs. Yes well years […]

  • Robert Joseph Manning vs MLML. How We Met The Great Fashion Illustrator. Part 1 – The Making

    Robert Joseph Manning is a very talented 23 years old artist, fashion illustrator who is currently collaborating with us! YES and let me tell you, its already looking great! Carlotta can’t believe her eyes whilst Rob explains. “Rob you are amazing!” Robert has a BA degree in Creative Music Technologies and has since then, worked with […]

  • British Summer Time Hyde Park: Taylor Swift

    Last week the Barclaycard Presents: British Summer Time Festival happened in Hyde Park, here in London and I was there!! It was a great festival, which combined many attractions, good food and awesome music throughout the typical London summer week, with bands such as The Who, Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath, and pop singers, such as […]

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