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The name behind the label ‘My Love My Leggings’ is Carlotta Gherzi who has showcased her work through London, Milan and Russian fashion week since 2008 under the label  “Carlotta Gherzi for Sado”.  In terms of press the label has attracted important names within the consumer and national press in the UK, Russia, U.S.A and Italy, and has a vast amount of celebrity followers who loves her intricate modern art deco prints, pleated garments and overall her casual yet unique style.

In 2012 Carlotta decided to launch the sister sub label under the Sado Fashion house wing and MY LOVE MY LEGGINGS was created.

MLML was an idea behind the designer’s favourite item, which proves to be very versatile from day to night, sexy but yet casual and most of all comfortable and unique.  Every girl loves a pair of leggings whether they are plain, printed or with Carlotta’s signature pleat technique. We all can’t have enough of them…



 Carlotta set out to create effortlessly chic and stylish leg wear with an importance on fit and the motivation to make a woman feel and look gorgeous, that makes a difference and creates style in any wardrobe, with this in mind Carlotta has achieved a lovely mixture of elegant, comfortable and sexy leg wear.

 MLML leg wear is creatively cut, contour designs that are made in exclusive prints, solid colour and textured fabrics. All of these give you the ‘nip, tuck and compresed’ look. Shape wear is given a new lease of life and worn as outer wear. 

 Strictly high end for the smart woman with a classy approach to life. The label provides leggings that are replacing trousers and pants in the world of the body consious woman, who loves flare, colour and texture.


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